David Oakes’ interest in antiques and furniture began at a young age and it was in 1991 that he started a hobby of sourcing items at auction and restoring them for sale from his stall in 
Hertford market or to local antique dealers.

David’s hobby grew as did his collection of antiques! His employer at that time; Melvyn Cousins
(A. G. Cousins & Son, furniture retailer in Hertford) very kindly allowed David to display his
items in his store and let him work on restorations when the shop wasn’t busy.

David had a loyal clientèle; most would come and view the item straight from the auction in
their rough and damaged state and then see them sympathetically restored to their former glory.
Onlookers would always comment on the quality of the restoration and would ask “Who does your restoration work?" and before he knew it, David started to get private clients and trade commissions to undertake restoration projects.

The restoration work overtook buying and selling and the once hobby/part-time business was now taking up every hour of David’s time and demand for his work was enough to warrant a
full-time approach and so his business was born - and David has never looked back

David now has two well-equipped workshops, stocked with ancient veneers and timbers, turtle shell, mother of pearl, ivory, every lock and escutcheon imaginable. Equipment capable of undertaking any task from cutting the finest of veneers to undertaking full commissions for bespoke cabinet making from the drawing board to finished article.

Oakes Restoration is the one-stop-restoration shop; capable and experienced to undertake all
types of restoration, conservation and bespoke work, guaranteed to deliver quality workmanship.